Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Released From Jail: Today's Cartoon

So much for wishful thinking... Paris Hilton is out of jail and back in the news just three days into her sentence, after suffering an undisclosed mental illness that I can only assume is somehow related to spending her brief time in prison THINKING about ways to make the world a better place.

You know, as much as prison must have been a shocking experience for Ms. Hilton, it was nowhere near as difficult as it was for the American mainstream media, who were forced to go three whole days without their favorite "guilty" pleasure. But now that they are reunited and stronger than ever, the cable "news" networks can go back to stalking this mentally-challenged woman, while the rest of us continue to follow real current events, online.

As far as Paris Hilton getting out of jail early... of course celebrity, wealth and privilege played a part in it, because "mental problems" were what got her locked up in the first place. Being released after three days just proves that while she may have been nuts enough to go in, she was certainly sane enough to get back out.

To me, this is like a Hollywood re-make of the "Great Escape"; except this time, it's the dirty hole that gets away :)

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