Monday, June 04, 2007

Jack Kevorkian Released From Prison: Today's Cartoon

I find it interesting that one of the conditions of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's parole is that he can neither assist nor advise anybody in regards to ending their own life; because technically it means that he could be thrown back in jail for something as simple as telling a critic to take a long walk off a short pier.

You know, eight years is a long time for someone to spend in prison; especially when their crime is also a "cause" which many people believe should be legal. To them, Dr. Kevorkian acted to fulfill the wishes of his patients by assisting them to do what they would have otherwise done on their own, if they were well enough to do it... just not healthy to the point that they would reconsider.

Yet contrary to this belief, in the United States the right to life is universal; which means that if someone wants to help other people end their lives, they first must seek congressional authorization to "liberate" that country... and put the poor souls out of their misery.

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