Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fatah, Hamas Escalate Violence in Gaza: Today's Cartoon

The escalation of violence between Palestinian militants has the region on the brink of yet another civil conflict, being fueled with the aid and encouragement of other countries. Much in the way Iran has been accused of undermining the Iraqi government by supplying weapons and training to militias, the United States is being criticized for its support of Fatah and their efforts to bring down the "democratically elected" Hamas government in Palestinian territory.

Of course, each scenario has its differences and complexities which set them apart from each other; but one thing appears universal in the Middle East and that is that none of these "civil conflicts" seem possible without foreign influences, meddling in that country's affairs.

Now that's not to say that if there was no outside interference there would be no internal conflicts; but at least if there were, its outcome would be determined solely by the people of that country and vastly improve the chances of establishing any sort of stability. You see, I believe that a country always receives the government it deserves; whether it be democratic, communist or authoritarian, because basically its people will either learn to accept what they have or they will choose to resist it. It should never be up to another country to make that decision for them; because right or wrong, each government is a representation of the people, who enable it to remain in power.

With regards to the Middle East, I think the best thing the international community can do is allow each country to determine its own leadership, without any outside interference and then deal directly with those governments to improve relations, establish trust and gradually work to bring about the changes they desire.

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