Monday, June 18, 2007

Emergency Palestinian Government Sworn In: Today's Cartoon

As heated as the current situation in the Palestinian territory is, I think the one thing that everyone can agree on is that a "coup" did indeed take place; the question is, "by who?"...

The recent conflict between Hamas and Fatah has divided Palestinians both politically and now territorially, between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with each side claiming governance of a particular region. Since the collapse of a unity government between the rival factions, Israel and the United States have immediately thrown its support behind Mahmud Abbas and his Fatah-led "emergency cabinet" by promising to lift sanctions in the West Bank, while further isolating Hamas, by locking them within a 40 km strip of coast along the Mediterranean.

As a result, Palestinians living in the West Bank will most likely be used as examples to those in Gaza, of the benefits they can expect by removing Hamas from power.

So, not only can it be agreed upon that "coup" took place in the Palestinian Territory; but I also believe that the objective was the same, regardless of the perpetrator, because if this was Hamas' idea of a hostile takeover, then they themselves are their own worst enemy.

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