Friday, June 01, 2007

The Arrest of the Spam King: Today's Cartoon

While the arrest of the infamous "Spam King" may be good news for people who are tired of receiving junk emails in their inbox, it is most certainly a sad day for all those Nigerian bankers in desperate need of a patsy to help them launder the assets of some deceased shipping magnate. In fact, I've heard that the Nigerian flag is now flying at half-staff.

Speaking of which, for anyone holding out for a better offer on erection pills, this may be your last chance to reclaim your manhood with some cheap Viagra that tastes suspiciously like "Boo-Berry" cereal... but a great deal nonetheless.

So now that the "Spam King" has officially been dethroned, there will no doubt be some sort of power-vacuum within the kingdom of unsolicited emails; one that will most likely get filled (like everything else) with even more spam. Hmm... I wonder if the King will be allowed any prison pen pals; and if so, do you think they will be interested in adding three more inches to the size of their penis?

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Blogger MikeFitz said...

Spam can get one into trouble in unexpected ways.

One night, I was at a restaurant and, unfortunately, the background music was too loud. My mate and I were discussing spam in a, necessarily, loud voice.

My mate shouted to me above the music, "If I had accepted every offer I've received in my inbox..."

At that instant, the music stopped just as a group of young ladies filed past our table. My mate continued shouting into the now-silent restaurant, "...MY PENIS WOULD BE SO BIG!"

6:04 a.m.  

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