Monday, May 21, 2007

Tony Blair's Final Visit To Iraq: Monday's Cartoon

Wow, when Tony Blair said that he had no regrets invading Iraq and would do it all over again, he really meant it… by going on yet another surprise visit to Baghdad; and sadly (as usual), instead of being greeted as a “liberator”, the British Prime Minister was received in the “Green Zone” with the now customary incoming mortar round “salute”.

Tony Blair’s final visit to Iraq as Britain’s Prime Minister is an opportunity for him to take stock of the situation he helped to make and offer a few empty words of encouragement before hopping back onto his plane and getting as far away from the whole mess as humanly possible (both physically and professionally); because it seems that the only real signs of “progress” Mr. Blair witnessed on his trip, were the ones leading him back to the airport.

It has been said that Tony Blair’s legacy will actually be determined by the actions of his successor Gordon Brown; which if true, would sort of make his previous 10 years in office seem like a complete waste of time. I mean, if Blair’s tenure is defined solely by the actions of those who come after him; then did Britain really need him to be in power in the first place? Well, judging by the public’s opinion of him, my guess would be “no” ;)

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