Friday, May 11, 2007

Tony Blair Announces Resignation: Today's Cartoon

After 10 years as Britain's Prime Minister, I think the legacy of Tony Blair will best be summed up with two words... "bark bark!". Despite his last minute miracle helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland, Tony's place in history will most likely be situated upon the lap of his Iraq war buddy George W. Bush.

You know, it's hard to tell exactly why Tony Blair decided to align himself so closely with the Bush Administration and their "ambitious" foreign policy; even as the rest of the world began to distance itself from the While House, Blair was always front and center like a good English maid, to help sweep the mess under a rug. All of this loyalty, yet for seemingly so little in return... at least while in office.

Now that Tony Blair is stepping down as Prime Minister, it will be interesting to find out just what the reward will be for his years of obedience to the Bush Administration; especially since it came at the cost of his own political legacy. Somehow I get the feeling that it will be something a lot more substantial than a simple Milk-Bone and a pat on the head ;)

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