Monday, May 28, 2007

Star Wars 30th Anniversary: Today's Cartoon

If you think about it, 30 years isn't really that long a period of time when you consider that you probably spend about 10 years of it sleeping; which in perspective, makes dressing up like an Ewok and camping out in front of a multiplex to buy Star Wars tickets not seem nearly as much of a waste of time, as it actually is :)

I think for me, what makes Star Wars so special is its ability to capture the impressionable minds of young children and freeze it in carbonite, until long into their adult years. But the real magic of the series is that it does more than just entertain; it touches the heart and stimulates the imagination of its audience, while making the money in their wallets disappear, through the telling (and re-telling) of a timeless story with dated special effects that need a good "tweaking" every few years.

I'll admit, I still enjoy the original movies now as I did when I was a kid, the only difference is that it took a "Special" Edition and three prequels for me to realize just how good those movies were, when they were released 30 years ago.

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