Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Queen Elizabeth Visits Washington: Today's Cartoon

If President Bush's "folksy" shenanigans during his formal introduction of Queen Elizabeth are any indication of the kind of evening that he has in store for the British monarchy, let's just hope they've brought enough food testers with them; because it looks like they're in for a long night.

While prepping for his swanky state dinner with the Queen of England, I wonder if in addition to brushing up on his etiquette President Bush was also given a copy of Peter Seller's "The Party" to study... just in case he wanted to "mingle" with his royal guests.

The White House has dubbed the Queen's visit as the social event of the entire Bush presidency, which now thankfully replaces Dick Cheney shooting that old guy in the face during a hunting trip. In fact, this is the very first time that President Bush has agreed to host a "white-tie" dinner... well, at least since Saddam Hussein's execution ;)

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