Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prince Harry Denied Iraq Tour: Today's Cartoon

Let me get this straight... Prince Harry is no longer going to Iraq because the "terrorists" he would be sent to fight have stated that they would go after him and thus put the troops around him in danger. So, rather than risk having a "soldier" encounter actual hostility in a war zone, British officials have decided to keep the Prince out of action and send some poor bloke over, in his place. I mean, where did they think he was going... on a fox hunt?

Now, I'm not one to encourage anybody to go off to Iraq; in fact, I think they should be pulling people out instead of sending more in, but if Prince Harry's presence would threaten to bring out the "terrorists"... isn't that kind of what the British forces are wanting? I'm no military strategist, but the way I see it, if I had possession of something that was guaranteed to lure my elusive enemy out of hiding, I'd be a fool not to use it.

You know, it surprises me that instead of scurrying Prince Harry away from the combat he apparently desires, British forces not only deploy him but advertise his whereabouts; daring the the "terrorists" to come out and try to take him. Think of it as a sort of Middle East version of the Old West.

Oh well, I guess instead of going to Iraq, Prince Harry could always "shock and awe" Margaritaville again ;)

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