Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Birth Control Eliminates Periods: Thurday's Cartoon

By the sound of it, it appears that women have now been given the option of permanently trading in their maxi pads... for a set of goalie pads :)

I think its pretty obvious that this new birth control medication was designed by men. I mean, not only does it prevent pregnancy by eliminating a woman's menstrual cycle, but in doing so it also eliminates the use of PMS as an excuse for having a rotten temper ;)

Now call me old fashion, but I believe that birth control is solely a woman's issue; not because I think men should bare no responsibility, but if medication was introduced that suppressed ANY aspect of the male's reproductive system, they simply would not take it. After all, men buy pills like Viagra to enhance their ability; not hinder it by eliminating their erections altogether.

Look, if men were the one's having periods, there is no way that medication would be made to prevent it. Instead, there would probably be pills introduced to increase the volume of a man's monthly blood flow and super sized tampons for guys to brag about to their buddies :)

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