Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Israeli War Probe Criticizes Ehud Olmert: Today's Cartoon

For those who believe that the White House pressured Israel into going to war with Lebanon last year, an Israeli probe into the "mishandling" of that 34 day conflict must therefore seem just as critical of the Bush Administration as it is against its intended target Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who apparently listened to them.

Despite single digit approval ratings and calls for his resignation, Prime Minister Olmert has made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of stepping down; and really, who can blame him? I mean, not only was Olmert a victim of "bad intelligence" as well, but much of the criticism he is now receiving over the war in Lebanon is practically identical to that which President Bush already hears on a daily basis for Iraq and Afghanistan; and yet somehow he gets to stay in office. So why should Olmert have to step down? Especially when there are those who believe it was the White House's fault for triple-dog-daring the Israeli government to go to war with Lebanon in the first place.

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