Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hugo Chavez Shuts Down Opposition Media: Today's Cartoon

It has often been said that most television programming is designed to appeal to the "lowest common denominator"; yet somehow I get the impression that those critics were more likely referring to examples like "American Idol" and wrestling fans, rather than leftist leader Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela.

The decision by Chavez to shut down his country's main opposition media outlet has sparked days of protests and serious international concerns over the limiting of certain freedoms within Venezuela... the same freedom which permitted the now defunct RCTV to openly endorse a coup attempt against Chavez in 2002.

Now, I'm not one to support media consolidation, especially as a means of marginalizing political opponents and limiting the perspective of the population; but if this is what a "liberal media bias" is supposed to look like, then why hasn't the United States pulled the plug on FOX News yet? ;)

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