Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dick Cheney's Surprise Trip to Baghdad: Today's Cartoon

You know, I'm not sure which undermines the Iraqi Government more, the insurgency or Dick Cheney showing up unannounced to cancel parliament's summer vacation.

I mean, it seems to me that just about the only thing Sunni and Shiite politicians have been able to agree upon is a date for their two-month recess; so from that standpoint, the eagerness to abandon their post in the middle of an occupation/insurgency/civil war can actually be viewed as a sign of progress for Iraq, because it's practically the only decision made by its government, separate of the United States.

Oh sure, the timing of their break may be not be the best, but at least it didn't come at a "worse time"... That would be what would happen if they listen to Cheney and postponed it until later. You see, in a place as chaotic as Iraq "now" is always the best time to go on vacation because tomorrow's not going to be any better. Besides, when American politicians are able to stop by unannounced whenever they want, it's not like the country would be without any supervision ;)

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Blogger cqsallie said...

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