Friday, May 04, 2007

David Hasselhoff Drunken Home Video: Today Cartoon

Hmm... I wonder if this was why the producers of "Knight Rider" made the car drive on its own ;)

The disturbing home video of a drunken David Hasselhoff seems to be the latest in a new Hollywood trend of children exposing their celebrity parent's bad behavior, which starting with Alec Baldwin.

In the tape, the popular star of such television shows as "Baywatch" and "Baywatch Nights" is shown shirtless while lying on the floor trying (unsuccessfully) to consume a hamburger. Now, usually an indication of someone having too much to drink is evident by their obvious lack of coordination; however in the defense of Mr. Hasselhoff, a poorly constructed hamburger can be an extremely awkward eating experience, at the best of times. Indeed, had his drinking been as out of control as the media suggests, then he probably would not have had the foresight to remove his clothes before indulging in such a messy affair ;)

It has also been reported that the video was made as part of an agreement between Hasselhoff and his children, to show him (and apparently the world) what he looks like inebriated, so that he may learn from it and get better... or at least get better at hiding it. And while I feel really bad for his children, this is an excellent example of why celebrities (especially with drinking problems) should always let their agents arrange the "deals" for them.

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