Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daimler Sells Chrysler to Private Equity Firm: Today's Cartoon

It seems to me that with heightened oil prices and environmental awareness, the only way for a car company like Chrysler to become profitable once more is for it to somehow figure out a way to manufacture automobiles that are both cheap on gas and low on emissions. While under the ownership of the German-based Daimler corporation, these consumer concerns were actually being address; however, most of that was due of the company producing vehicles which never left the dealership.

Daimler's decision to unload Chrysler to a private equity firm appears a lot like someone trying to sell a badly used SUV for parts, but first has to pay to get it towed off of the driveway. Sure, it would be great if the new owners were able to get the thing running again, but all that really matters to the people selling it is that the rusted-out embarrassment is no longer seen parked in front of their house.

Too bad really, I was hoping "Dr. Z" would eventually get around to answering my question about what to do when life gives you "lemons", in one of his commercials ;)

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