Friday, May 25, 2007

Bush Draws Fire From Sparrow: Friday's Cartoon

If you believe in reincarnation then it probably comes as no surprise that a bird took a dump on President Bush during a Rose Garden press conference. And while that in itself may not be that significant, the symbolism of it is undeniable; suddenly the sparrow has become the new "carrier-pigeon" of America's displeasure with the Bush Administration.

For a world leader who is known for choking on pretzels and falling off his bicycle, getting dumped on by a bird seemed about as inevitable as the U.S. invasion of Iraq; which incidentally, was the topic of conversation during his news conference. President Bush cautioned the media that withdrawing from Iraq would invite fresh terror attacks upon America before warning one reporter in particular that "Al Qaeda" was a threat to his children. Of course, nobody can say for certain what the future has in store, but it seems to me that instead of trying to invoke "terror" into the heart of the press corp, he should have been focusing on the reality of the situation on the ground... namely the birds circling overhead :)

You see, the problem it seems with President Bush is that everything he discusses is a hypothetical based solely on his desire to frighten the American public into submitting to his foreign policy agenda. I mean, with all the warnings, predictions and promises that this administration has made, its a wonder that it wasn't a pig that took a dump on the President; of course in order for that to occur, something he says would actually have to come true.

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