Monday, April 16, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz World Bank Nepotism Scandal: Today's Cartoon

Critics of Paul Wolfowitz claim that by helping to secure a high-paying promotion for his girlfriend, he has in effect tarnished the reputation of the World Bank. However, if you consider the criticism that the group already receives, charges of "nepotism" do not taint the image of the organization, they merely reflect it.

You see, one of the main arguments leveled against the World Bank is that it only comes to the aid of impoverished nations that are willing to adapt to a free market economy. To my understanding these reform policies are the banks way of ensuring that regardless of the result, it will always be able to collect upon its debt. So, in a way, this "prerequisite" aimed at transforming third world countries into Western-style economies could itself be viewed as a sort of "global nepotism".

Thus, as was the case with Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend, it seems that the World Bank only gives preference to those who are willing to put out first ;)

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