Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Iran Rules Out Trial For British Sailors: Today's Cartoon

Hmm... I wonder if the real reason Iranian officials are not pursuing a trial for the 15 detained British Sailors is because their televised "confessions" would be inadmissible, even by Iran's judicial standards.

The softening in tone between Britain and Iran is an encouraging sign to those involved in the crisis; except perhaps for the Bush Administration, who even though is not directly a part of the incident, has been accused of trying to escalate the situation, to further its cause for going to war with the oil rich nation. To them, a trial would probably be viewed as the best recruitment campaign possible for their next "coalition of the willing".

The way I see it, if an official apology is all Tehran truly wants, then I think the British parliament might as well just swallow its pride, give them one and be done with it. I mean, if it can actually help to bring an end to this crisis, then when you consider all lies and deceptions perpetrated by world leaders on a daily basis... what are a few more between colleagues?

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