Thursday, April 05, 2007

Iran Releases Detained British Sailors: Today's Cartoon

It looks like alls well that ends well, unless of course you following the mainstream media, where their "post-game" coverage seems to be focused more on who "won" and who "lost" the prisoner standoff between Britain and Iran.

While personally, I don't see either side at a disadvantage when it comes to a diplomatic resolution and prevention of hostilities; I think it would be interesting to know just what exactly constitutes a "victory" or "defeat" in the eyes of the American press... I mean, other than the safe release of British soldiers and Iran not being attacked ;)

From a "propaganda" standpoint, I guess you could give Iran the advantage when it comes to using the situation as an opportunity to repair some of the damage inflicted upon its image, through the competing rhetoric of countries like the United States; who for years have been dehumanizing the Iranian people through its politics and entertainment, to the point that they have seemingly been reduced to little more than a vague caricature of "evil" (any wrestling fans remember "The Iron Sheik"?).

To me, the irony is that for some people, the humane treatment and safe return of the British sailors completely goes against their understanding of Iran, forged mainly through anti-Iranian propaganda; to the point that it gets treated with suspicion and dismissed as "propaganda" itself.

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