Monday, April 30, 2007

Huge Turkish Secularism Rally: Today's Cartoon

It seems to me that the separation between church and state would be a lot easier if society were able to install some sort of deterrent between them; say like a cold shower.

To me, the relationship between religion and politics is a lot like that between brother and sister. While both may respect and care for each other, the absolute last thing they should have on their minds in hopping into bed together; which is why so many people find it upsetting (and downright creepy) when it actually happens. The end results of this unholy union can be truly horrific and usually ends up looking something like the Taliban or worse... George W. Bush ;)

The way I see it, keeping politics out of the churches and religion out of the legislature, keeps people from losing their faith in both... unless of course they're non-voting atheists; in which case, the separation between church and state isn't necessary because government doesn't even exist ;)

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