Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boris Yeltsin 1931 - 2007: Today's Cartoon

As far as historical figures go, I think Boris Yeltsin will be remembered more fondly than many Russians would have thought, when he left office in 1999; thanks in no small part to the government of his successor, Vladimir Putin.

Looking back, it would appear that most of Yeltsin's accomplishments as Russian President were largely symbolic; starting with the breaking up of the Soviet Union and continuing with the dismantling of Russia's communist economy. While serving as an agent of change for his country, making such traumatic reforms actually work in Russia, were left for others to figure out, after Yeltsin stepped down.

The way I see it, despite rolling-back many democratic reforms, if it weren't for the Putin government stabilizing much of the chaos created by its predecessor, the legacy of Boris Yeltsin could easily have been that of a failed-statesman, who helped orchestrate the collapse of his country... twice.

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