Friday, April 13, 2007

Bomber Infiltrates Iraq Green Zone: Today's Cartoon

I think the bomb attack inside Baghdad's heavily fortified "Green Zone" definitely calls into question the logic and effectiveness of the Bush Administration's recent “surge” of U.S. troops into Iraq. I mean, how can they possibly expect to bring peace and stability to an entire country, when after four years, they can’t even secure it inside the parliament’s own cafeteria?

At this point in the war, it seems like the only signs of progress are coming from the insurgency; this despite White House efforts to keep their oil-fueled fantasy of a “democratic” Iraq alive, by feeding it more soldiers and extending their tours from 12 to 15 months.

But if you ask me, it would seem far more appropriate that instead of sending war-weary troops on yet another tour of duty, the White House recruited all the “die-hard” supporters of President Bush’s Iraq policy to go in their place. The way I see it, while there may not be that many of them left, the ones who remain are so devoted to the commander-in-chief that not even a road-side bomb could dent their faith in him. So, while the casualty numbers may stay the same, the optimism of these new recruits towards the President’s war strategy would at least make for a much happier marine “corpse”.

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