Monday, April 23, 2007

Alec Baldwin Berates Daughter In Leaked Voicemail: Today's Cartoon

Alec Baldwin's daughter must feel so fortunate to have a father that loves her so much that he literally loses his mind, whenever she misses a phone call. I mean, think of all the millions of neglected and orphaned children in the world, who would absolutely love to receive a profanity-laced voice mail from someone who actually cared that much about them... especially if that "someone" was a big-time Hollywood celebrity ;)

While none of this is really any of our business; that doesn't seem to stop the press from thinking that the public somehow should have a say, as to whether Mr. Baldwin gets to keep his daughter... or if she should be adopted by Madonna, as a way of keeping her out of Malawi.

Either way, I don't believe that private matters like this should involve the general public. Unless of course, celebrity custody battles are going to be fought exclusively in the court of public opinion from now on; in which case, I demand a "juror's fee" every time the "news" media decides to waste time, asking us for our verdict.

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