Friday, April 20, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Testifies Before Senate Panel: Today's Cartoon

During his appearance before a Senate oversight committee, US attorney General Alberto Gonzales claimed 71 times to not recall the events leading up to the removal of eight federal prosecutors for alleged political reasons. Yet despite not remembering anything, he assured the panel that he did nothing wrong... but how can he be so sure?

It says that during blackouts "individuals can engage in a wide range of goal-directed, voluntary, often complicated behaviors -- from driving cars to having sexual intercourse." Now, this could explain the Attorney General's memory loss; however, this condition is attributed to excessive alcohol consumption (not "political kool-aid") and mentions nothing about firing federal attorneys for partisan gains, while intoxicated.

I think the problem with U.S. Senators asking for the Attorney General to resign is that his memory issues may be so bad that he won't remember doing that either.
Hmm... Perhaps instead of relying on those "missing" emails to account for his whereabouts, Alberto Gonzales may want to consider tattooing his day-planner onto his body from now on... just like that dude from "Memento" ;)

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