Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Zimbabwe Cracks Down on Political Protests: Today's Cartoon

It seems to me that if the Zimbabwe is actively enforcing a strict ban on all political protests within the country, then wouldn’t that in itself be considered a form of “political protest”; and therefore shouldn’t the Mugabe government also be getting rounding up, as a result of its own policy?

Oh sure, the suppression of dissent through police brutality may not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of a “political demonstration”, but when those actions are orchestrated by the government as a means of demonstrating its absolute authority over its opponents, a protest AGAINST politics remains a “political protest” all the same.

Look, say what you will about Robert Mugabe, but for a leader who has kept Zimbabwe on the verge of failed state status for years, not only has he guided the rate of inflation up about 1700%, but reports of abuse being committed against main opposition leaders have now raised the country’s “interest rate” just as much; by bringing the plight of Zimbabweans to the front (web) pages of the newspapers around the world. Coverage which I'm sure other troubled regions of the continent would love to have.

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