Friday, March 30, 2007

U2's Bono Knighted: Today's Cartoon

Although he is now officially a knight of the British empire; because he is an Irishman, U2's Bono will not be granted the title of "Sir"... but will instead be given a choice of either "Paddy" or "Mick", depending on which drunken English noble he accidentally bumps into at the next gathering ;)

Even though British officials claim that the title of is reserved solely for British citizens, I wonder if the name "Sir Bono" would have ruffled any feathers within the English aristocracy. After all, it's been 10 years since Paul McCartney was knighted... and Ringo Starr is still waiting patiently by the phone.

Bono's humanitarian efforts have earned him recognition and awards, from around the world. Add that along with his illustrious music career and it makes me wonder if the real reason why he decided to accept a British knighthood, despite being Irish, was because he needed to be deceased in order to be canonized.

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