Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Outrage Over Conditions At Walter Reed Hospital: Today's Cartoon

With all the money the Bush Administration has allotted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you'd think they would have tossed the military hospitals a few extra bucks to care for its wounded soldiers; then again, according to their prewar rhetoric, the worst the White House was anticipating were allergies resulting from flowers being thrown at the troops, when they were supposed to be greeted as "liberators". I mean, who knew that so many Iraqis and Afghans would also express their "appreciation" with bombs and bullets as well?

Sadly, the reported condition of U.S. military hospitals shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been chronicling the mishaps of Bush and company since they began actively enforcing “Democracy” upon the Middle East. While initially their intentions may have been to showcase their nation as a shining model of freedom for other countries to embrace; over the course of the past few years, things haven't quite turned out as predicted. However, instead of just giving up, the Bush Administration has stubbornly stuck by its agenda and now finally appears to be making some progress overseas... simply by cutting a few corners back home.

You see, if the end goal is to create a western-style society in Iraq and Afghanistan, then all the White House really has to do is re-define its own interpretation of what a "western-style society"is; so that it can better reflect the conditions in those war-torn countries and make it easier for them to declare victory and get the heck out.

So now instead of complaining about the deplorable conditions of their hospitals, Iraqis can rejoice in the glory of their newly installed "US-style" medical system.

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