Friday, March 02, 2007

John McCain Announces Candidacy For US President: Today's Cartoon

John McCain seems like the kind of politician who would say anything to get elected president... that is, if he weren't too busy apologizing for all the things that won't.

The way I see it, rather than trying to pander to every single special interest group that he can milk a vote out of, McCain may want to consider that there are about 186 million eligible voters in the United States, with their own "special interests”; and simply stand by what he actually believes in, instead.

Every time John McCain speaks his (unscripted) mind, it always appears that he ends up apologizing for it later. Whether it's the war in Iraq, Dick Cheney or his personal views on the Vietnamese; McCain seems to be in constant fear of accidentally letting his true feelings ruin his chance at becoming president. So rather than risk offending anyone with what he stands for, he offends everyone with who he stands with.

Who knew that after five grueling years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, it would be six years of the Bush Administration that gave him "Stockholm syndrome"?

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