Monday, March 12, 2007

Jacques Chirac To Not Seek Re-election: Today's Cartoon

Personally, I believe that whenever a politician decides to either retire or not seek office, they should be obligated to "prove it"; not by delivering some long-winded speech, but by saying or doing something so abhorrent that even if they wanted to run they couldn't because of the taint that they have brought upon themselves.

So often we hear elected/former officials waver as to their future plans; unwilling to either confirm or deny any rumors involving their political intentions to the public. And then, even when they do give a "direct answer", it's always done in such a manner as to leave the door slightly open, in case they decide to "change their mind" later on; but of course we all know that a politician's mind is already made up... that is unless it hasn't been purchased yet. I mean, saying one thing and then doing another is the nature of politics; so why would the process of getting in or staying out of it be any different?

The way I see it, the only way to trust a politician at their word, is if that "word" leads directly to the end of their career in public service. That way you know for certain when say that they are not running for office, they’re telling the truth... because they will be far too busy "running" from all the people they slurred during the resignation speech ;)

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