Monday, March 19, 2007

Fourth Anniversary of the Iraq War: Today's Cartoon

The Iraq war is growing up before our very eyes. Why, I remember back when it was just a twinkle in the eye of an administration, eager to take advantage of the opportunity presented to it by 9/11; as a mean of spreading its "seed of democracy" across the Middle East. But of course, in the heat of the moment, when emotions take over and one fails to engage in "safe-sects" (especially when dealing with multiple partners), good intentions can often yield horrific results.

What was originally diagnosed as the "birth pains" of Iraq's fledgling democracy, turned out to be something much more serious; and as the symptoms steadily got worse, so too did the bills and the excuses needed to justify them. Until finally it was revealed that what they were dealing with was not an allergy to "freedom"... but complications resulting from being the severely retarded lovechild of the "Project for the New American Century".

So as yet another birthday is marked in its tragic existence, the only sort of celebration this illegitimate deformity is used to, are the cries for it's handlers to finally put it out of its misery. But unfortunately none of them can hear it because they are too busy drowning their guilt, by getting drunk on their own kool-aid.

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Blogger Crankshaft said...

Is It Really A War Against Terror?

No one seems to be winning.

9:13 a.m.  

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