Thursday, March 29, 2007

Detained British Sailors Appear on Iranian Television: Today's Cartoon

The outrage expressed over 15 detained British soldiers appearing on Iranian television, eating food and complimenting their captor's "hospitality" is the EXACT reason why the United States doesn't want the world to know what actually goes on inside those secret CIA prisons. I mean, if terrorists knew just how well they would be treated by the Americans, I'm pretty sure they would kick themselves for not declaring jihad against them sooner ;)

Make no mistake, the public display of captive British sailors by the Iranian government was purely for propaganda purposes; but then again, so were those "GPS co-ordinates" released by the British government. Truth be told, neither side would be willing to admit fault, which is why it is so difficult to believe either one of them. Look, a recorded prisoner's confession by the captors is about as convincing as a few random co-ordinates displayed on a map, but that doesn't seem to stop either government from trying desperately to make us form a "opinion"… one that is based completely on their "evidence", which favors their side of the story.

The way I see it, there is about enough information available on this to reinforce one's preconceived notion… and that's about it. However, since we are dealing with the credibility of the British and Iranian government, perhaps our gut-instinct is the most reliable source of information we have.

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