Friday, March 09, 2007

Democrats Propose Iraq Withdrawal By August 2008: Today's Cartoon

Now, do you suppose President Bush would have been so eager to oppose the Democrats pullout plan for Iraq, if it were set for sometime after he leaves office?

While for American troops there appears to be no getting out of Iraq anytime soon; for the President of the United States, all he has to do is wait out the next 20 months and the war will be over... at least for him. So as he now tries to coast to the finish line of his presidency, the only obstacles that remain ahead of him are the ones designed to pin "accountability" squarely upon him and his administration; which is precisely what the Democrats intend to do with their new legislation.

You see, not only does their proposal set a firm date for ending a conflict that should have never started in the first place, but it is also designed to bring about its conclusion while the main architects of that campaign are still in power; thus, labeling them with the distinction of both starting and losing the war in Iraq.

It also potentially brings home about 150 thousand US servicemen and women, who were misled into such a brutal and open-ended conflict, by an Administration that expected to be long gone by the time they ever got back.

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