Monday, March 26, 2007

British Servicemen Seized By Iranian Forces: Today's Cartoon

So, Britain claims that 15 of its servicemen were seized from within Iraqi waters by Iranian forces, during a UN approved mission; while on the other side, Iranian officials have stated that the sailors were detained for "illegally entering" its territory...

Well, look on the bright side, with all the distrust and misinformation surrounding the escalating tension between Iran and the West, at least here we have a situation where one party is actually being truthful... the only question is, which?

Now, we all know that Iran has been a little on edge since the release of the film "300", so perhaps what we are dealing with here is nothing more than a simple overreaction to what Tehran may have interpreted as 15 Britons (instead of 300 Spartans) against the entire Persian army. Or maybe they were correct in their assumption and that military enlistment in the UK has fallen short to such a degree that this is the army it now has left to go to war with.

Either way, it makes for a fairly short movie.

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