Thursday, March 01, 2007

British Mom Retains Custody of 200 Pound Eight-Year Old: Today's Cartoon

Now I'm no parent, but one would think that if the international media was camped out in their kitchen to watch them prepare greasy meals for their morbidly obese 8-year old, they would throw in a celery stick in junior's feeding bag; at the very least for the cameras.

You know, it's hard to believe that for a country with such a bad reputation for it's food, obesity has become such an epidemic in the UK; so much in fact that Prince Charles has even expressed a desire to have McDonald's "banned" altogether. You see, back in the old days Britons never had to worry about their weight because their food was either boiled or revolting. They were lucky just to keep it down, never mind get fat off of it. But now that more American fast food chains have been introduced to the British people, they have become like deprived children, experiencing the wonders gluttony for the very first time.

Sadly though, in such extreme situations (like this), the only real difference that I can distinguish between starving a child and overfeeding it, are the number of pallbearers it's going to take to carry the casket.

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