Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter Drops F-Bomb on John Edwards: Today's Cartoon

You know, secretly deep down inside, "liberals" must absolutely love Ann Coulter; because every time she opens her mouth to insult them, she accidentally pays them a compliment by reinforcing just about every negative stereotype there is about "conservatives".

The way I see it, it's actually quite an accomplishment for Coulter that out of the diverse range of Democratic hopefuls she COULD have offended, she ends up going after the straight white guy, instead. I mean, in an election cycle where there are candidates for the first Black, Latino and Woman president, who would have thought that John Edwards would be the one experiencing the most prejudice?

Of course, if Edwards was really smart, not only would he use Coulter's comments to his advantage by shifting the focus of his campaign towards speaking out against bigotry and prejudice; but he would also use it as an opportunity to shift the focus of the media away from Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, by coming out of the closet and announcing his intentions to become the first "gay" president of the United States ;)

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