Monday, February 12, 2007

Today's Cartoon: U.S. Reveals Explosive Evidence Against Iran

Okay, I'm a little confused here... The U.S. is claiming that Iran is secretly arming Shiite militias with hi-tech weaponry to use against coalition forces; meanwhile, the United States is publicly arming the mainly Shiite "security forces" with hi-tech weaponry, which also end up getting used against coalition forces. So really, what's the difference here?

Back in 2003, when Colin Powell made his infamous presentation in front of the United Nations, where he swore on his children's eyes (not really) that Iraq had WMD's; not even he believed it. So here we are, almost three years later (with Powell nowhere in sight) in a similar situation; however, this time the Eye of Sauron has fallen on Iran.

Now I'm not saying that the U.S. is "lying" (because to do so would imply that I know what the "truth" is); but the way I see it, how can people not question the motives of an administration who decides to start wars by "fixing the facts around the policy"? What's to say that they're not doing it again? I mean, if all that the White House is trying to do is look for another foot-in-the-door, then why not just use that whole "pre-emptive strike" justification, which they got away with the last time?

Of course, Iran could very well be supplying Shiite militias with weapons, as the U.S. is claiming. But as be the case with the "Boy Who Cried Wolf"; people simply stop believing after they've been misled and lied to too many times. And once they've determined that those making the claims can no longer be trusted; that is precisely when the "wolf" is free to make its move.

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