Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today's Cartoon: United Nations Urged To Act On Asteroid Threat

If scientists want the United Nations to take action against asteroids hitting the planet, then they had better pray that none of them are headed for Africa, or else we're all screwed.

Personally, I'm not sure which is scarier; the idea of an asteroid wiping out the Earth, or us loading weapons into space in an effort to prevent it. Either way, the outcome would probably be the same; but at least on the bright side, we’d all be checking out together.

The way I see it, the United Nations should be reacting to the threat of asteroids the same way the US does to "terrorism", by launching preemptive strikes to eliminate perceived dangers before they have a chance to become reality. Then again; by that logic, the best way to destroy an asteroid would probably be to blow up the moon instead ;)

With forecasts predicting a possible asteroid hit in 2036, the UN has less than 30 years to come up with some sort of strategy to address this problem. Now, this may seem like a long time; but this is also the same organization that has been dealing with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for a lot longer than that. So, maybe instead of just focusing on one issue at a time, the UN may want to consolidate its effort in order to achieve the same objective.

Talk about your "two birds with one stone" eh? ;)

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