Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Tony Blair Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Tony Blair's decision to announce a troop withdrawal from Iraq comes mere months ahead of his own retreat from Parliament. So, with no more campaigns to run or foreign leaders to suck up to, it has obviously become the Prime Minister's new priority to focus more on his legacy; and how he'll be remembered by an angry British public.

While the American media will most likely try to spin a more positive interpretation behind Britain's departure from Iraq; one only needs to look at President Bush's recent decision to send more troops into combat to understand that after three long years, the Bush Administration's "mission" is far from "accomplished". However, the fact that British troops are to be withdrawn completely, instead of redeployed to assist US forces, would imply that not only does Tony Blair no longer believe in that mission, but perhaps even resents getting "yanked" into it in the first place.

If after a decade as Britain's Prime Minister, the best that Tony Blair can do in his last few months in office is remove the moniker of "Bush's Poodle" from his tarnished public image; imagine what a "good boy" he could have been, had he decided to slip that leash a few years earlier.

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