Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Super Bowl Ads Disappoint Viewers

Apparently, the commercials during this year's Super Bowl were about as entertaining as the game itself; which for those who hate football but watched the game anyway, was a major disappointment.

Because I didn't see the game, I wasn't subjected to the same let down as those who endured it, just so they could catch the commercials; but that doesn't mean I missed out. You see, some of the advertisements which "premiered" during the Super Bowl were already available on-line; which to me doesn't make much sense, especially when you consider that the same 30 second spot aired during the broadcast cost advertisers $2.6 million.

Like scantily clad cheerleaders with double-D pom-poms, these highly anticipated commercials are intended as a way of holding people's interest in an otherwise boring sport. It was estimated that around 90 million people watched the Super Bowl; but I wonder how many of them would have actually tuned in had they known ahead of time that the commercials weren't very good, or had already seen it for themselves. I mean, what's the point of sitting through a sport that you don't care for, just to watch commercials that you've already seen and were disappointed with, the first time you saw them?

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