Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Unclear About Iran Evidence

So while President Bush remains certain that Shiite militias in Iraq are receiving Iranian weapons, there is still no evidence to prove that Tehran is behind it. This is probably because all of the "smoking guns" in Iraq appear to have been supplied by Austria instead.

Let's face it, war is big business; and as long as there are people who are willing inflict grievous bodily harm onto one another, there will be opportunists who are more than willing to supply them with the essential means to do so. By focusing solely on Iran, the Bush Administration seems to have put the blinders on to other countries' dealing within Iraq (including their ally Saudi Arabia).

If President Bush wishes to make a case for invading Iran based on weapons recovered from inside a war-torn Iraq, then by that logic ANY country with connections to either the Sunni or the Shiite militias could become a potential target of the United States as well; whether the government was actually involved, or not.

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