Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today's Cartoon: North Korea Agrees To End Nuclear Program

Well, they finally have it and with just under two years left to spare, the Bush Administration has actually managed to eek out some sort of foreign policy success for them to hang their hats on. Of course, in order to do it they had to borrow a page out of Bill Clinton's diplomatic play book; but hey, at least they can wash their hands of Iraq and Afghanistan now, right? ;)

The reality is that the agreement made by North Korea to start dismantling its nuclear weapons program is a lot like the one that they signed in 1994, during the Clinton Administration; and promptly abandoned, after Bush jr. rolled into Washington. So, by getting Kim Jong-il to finally recommit to nuclear disarmament, in a way President Bush has been able to put the lid back on the issue and leave it exactly the way that he found it (with the exception of the additional concession he's granted to Pyongyang).

You know, if it weren't for all the other messes the Bush Administration has made during their term(s) in office, you would hardly even notice that they were there ;)

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