Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Hugo Chavez Granted Rule By Decree

I wonder if the Venezuelan Congress' decision to grant Hugo Chavez power to rule by decree was inspired by his revolutionary leftist agenda; or if had more to do with their desire to have a shorter work week... if any at all.

Through the centralization of power, Chavez is now free to pursue his radical economic reforms by stripping the central bank of its autonomy and nationalizing the country's oil, power and telecommunication industries. This obviously does not sit well with some people, namely the President of the United States; to whom Hugo Chavez owes all of his success to.

President Bush contends that Chavez's nationalization program makes it harder for the Venezuelan people to be lifted out of poverty and to realize their "full potential". Of course, by saying that he is also implying that the current business model for Venezuela is what has contributed to the people's lack of prosperity; to the point that they are now willing to embrace socialism, in the hopes of somehow improving their situation.

If anything, President Bush should be more jealous than worried about Chavez' consolidation of power. I mean, here's a guy who was able to take over his entire country and successfully declare himself supreme ruler, to the applause of his own people; all because of some other guy who was trying to do the exact same thing (minus the poor people) but only succeeded in making dictators elsewhere as a result.

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