Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Martin Scorsese Finally Wins An Oscar : Today's Cartoon

Some people have suggested that Martin Scorsese's "Best Director" Oscar for "The Departed" was given more out of sympathy because he had never won, despite creating some of the most popular and critically acclaimed American films of the last 30 years. Well, if this is true and Mr. Scorsese is being awarded for his body of work, then I think it's appropriate that it be assigned to his best work... because the fact that he won for "The Departed" REALLY makes me wish he had won for "Goodfellas" instead.

Now don't get me wrong, "The Departed" is a pretty good movie; but I'm just not sure if it's "Best Picture" quality. Granted, I haven't seen the other nominated films, but you have to figure that in the same year in which Clint Eastwood directed two Second World War epics (and one almost entirely in Japanese), either Hollywood had already decided to give Scorsese the Oscar no matter what, or Eastwood must have made the Battle of Iwo Jima look like a sorority house pillow fight. Because from a "directorial" standpoint, it would seem that Dirty Harry was carrying the much heavier load.

Of course, Clint Eastwood was already awarded an Oscar over Martin Scorsese, two years ago. So, for Hollywood to do it again would have seemed crueler than Joe Pesci's character in "Casino". But I guess after five nominations, the members of the academy must have figured that they either give Marty the nod, or they enter the witness relocation program; because if there is one thing that's certain about a Martin Scorsese's picture, it's that he definitely knows how to get rid of a body ;)

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