Wednesday, February 28, 2007

James Cameron Claims To Find Jesus' Remains : Today's Cartoon

In James Cameron's new documentary, he claims to have found the physical remains of Jesus Christ; which for Christians, is like saying that the Easter Bunny can’t exist... because there is no such thing as Easter.

The way I see it, speculation over whether not this is indeed the tomb of Jesus and his family will probably do nothing to change any one's views on the Bible; because after 2000 years and the countless conflicts which have been fought over it's interpretation, most people's minds are already made up.

People will always believe what they WANT to believe above anything else; especially if they've already devoted the majority of their lives towards a certain way of thinking. So much in the world has been built around Christian beliefs (both good and bad) that the fact that an important event in which that faith is based may never have actually occurred, will not deter those from continuing to make a profit... out of the prophet.

To some, religion is more than just a blueprint for living their life; it's a way of forcing obedience and asserting control over others. To those, Cameron's documentary may be viewed as threat because it challenges the very foundation of their authority; but ultimately, it is impossible for anyone to actually authenticate the remains of the "son of God", because either he ascended to heaven as described in the Bible (or Wikipedia), or he never existed in the first place... So either way, he’s not there.

This is why religion is always referred to as "faith" and not "fact".

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Blogger MikeFitz said...

I'm tempted to suggest a subtle change to the punctuation in your final sentence... This is why religion is always referred to as "faith" and "not fact".

I've had lots of time recently to harden my view of those who would use religion as a weapon to divide us.

11:54 a.m.  

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