Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today's Cartoon: US Military Toll In Iraq Hits 3000

With the U.S. toll in Iraq now exceeding 3000, with no end (or objective) in sight, it seems that the war in Iraq has become more like a maxed out credit card in the hands of the Bush Administration.

Before invading Iraq in 2003, former Secretary of State Colin Powell famously warned President Bush of the "Pottery Barn Rule", in that if he "broke" it (Iraq) he'd "own" it... which is EXACTLY what happened. President Bush tore through Iraq like a bull through a China shop, shattering its infrastructure and reducing the inventory to rubble. So, as a result of the "Pottery Barn Rule", the White House basically bought the entire store and put itself into such debt in the process, that they have absolutely no idea how to pay it off.

In the mean time, US troops are being used to make Bush's "interest" payments each month; and while Iraq's "interest rate" may be dropping among Americans, it appears that these payments continue to increase, with seemingly no dent being made to the actual core debt.

Now, I'm no expert in “finance”, but if someone can only afford the "interest" on their debt, those payments will continue indefinitely; however, if rates continue to increase then eventually they won't even be able to pay for that any more. So, it seems to me that if the United States wants to free itself of its burden in Iraq, the Bush Administration either needs to think up some sort of miracle plan for paying off its debt, or pack it in and declare (intellectual) bankruptcy.

Failing that, the American people could always try to distance themselves from the White House, by claiming "Identity Theft" ;)

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