Monday, January 15, 2007

Today's Cartoon: US Air Force Strips Sergeant of Duties over Playboy Spread

So, it would appear that instead of deserting to Canada, all that any soldier would have to do to get kicked out of the United States military is to do a nude layout while on active duty. Now this shouldn't be too difficult, considering how easy it is to get a digital camera and access to the internet. I guess the only thing that really prevents this strategy from working to its fullest is the fact that most people have bodies which no one would want to see naked; therefore, if nobody sees it, nobody can be offended by it and thus in a sense the whole pictorial becomes a non-entity (well, except maybe to their families).

The way I see it, the reaction by the Air Force to Sgt. Manhart's nude Playboy spread may be justified in the sense that while the United States military may be perceived as "stretched thin", the last thing they want to be viewed as is face down with its butt in the air. Naked photos of individuals in compromising position are something which the military reserves for its "detainees", not its staff sergeants... no matter how attractive they may be. It is a tool which is employed solely for the purpose of humiliation, NOT stimulation (especially when it involves their own men and/or women); unless of course those in command enjoy the former to such a degree that the lines between two become blurred.

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