Friday, January 05, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Nancy Pelosi Elected First Woman to Lead US House

While Nancy Pelosi may celebrate the fact that she is now the first woman elected US Speaker of the House and is literally two heart beats away from the Presidency (well, one and a half if you count Cheney's), she had better not lose sight of the reasons that got her the job, otherwise it could be another 200 years before the American people vote for their next female speaker.

Even though I believe it's a good thing for the United States to experience more diversity in public office; that should never be the reason for voting someone into power. Call me "cynical", but I believe that in politics "accountability" and "reliability" are far more "groundbreaking" than someone being elected merely because of their race or gender. Now, I'm not saying that the only way that women or minorities can win elections in the States is by playing the "race" or "gender" card, or that they serve merely as "decoration"; but when such candidates champion themselves as the "issue" upon being elected, it seems more like they are the ones who are actually saying it.

The way I see it, Nancy Pelosi did not become the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives because she's a lady. Rather, it was it was due to American public's dissatisfaction with the Republican Party and their overwhelming desire for change. As far as I can tell, most Americans didn't even know that Pelosi was making history... until she told them; and even then they probably couldn't care less, especially if nothing really changes because of it.

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