Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Microsoft Introduces Vista Operating System

The way I see it, Microsoft's new "Vista" operating system will probably do more to convince disgruntled PC owners to switch over to Mac then to upgrade to a newer model. I mean, you'd think that with all of the advancements Vista is supposed to have, one of them would include compatibility with older PC models.

Call me old fashioned, but it doesn't really make much sense to run out and buy a whole new computer if there is nothing wrong with the one you're using. Granted, the technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, but imagine if you had to run out and buy a new washing machine every five years, because the manufacturers were able to figure out an even faster way to clean clothes; and as a result, were cutting off the water to the older washers.

By phasing out the older systems in order to get consumers to continue to pay more in order to keep up, Microsoft is running the risk of losing even more business to Apple. Before when a new Windows operating system was introduced, most people had no choice but to pay for the expensive upgrades needed to run it; but now that there are more options available, consumers are able to think instead of react; which is never good for business.

Microsoft is no longer the mighty monopoly that it once was, which means that they can no longer produce their products with the same "take it or leave it" attitude. Instead, they need to focus more on establishing a seamless transition between operating systems, so that less PC owners are left shopping for new computers... at the Apple store.

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