Monday, January 08, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Catholic Archbishop of Warsaw Resigns Over Spy Scandal

The resignation of the newly appointed Archbishop of Warsaw amid scandal that he cooperated with Polish secret police during that country’s communist era has sent shockwaves through the predominately Roman Catholic nation; where people are expressing outrage over the fact that instead of serving God, Stanislaw Wielgus decided to serve the government instead.

Now, “Spying” on people is pretty much what the Catholic Church does anyway, except the only difference here is that Stanislaw Wielgus was probably wired up with an audio feed linked directly to the Kremlin and instead of reciting any prayers of absolution, penitents were required to clear their sins by providing him with the identities of other “sinners”.

For all you non-religious heathens out there who may not fully appreciate the severity of this breach of trust by a member of the Roman Catholic Church; think of it in terms of discovering that your computer’s virus protection software was also secretly equipped with its own brand of “spy ware”, which remained undetected until you finally upgraded to an entirely new operating system.

You see, organized religion is a “faith based” system, which means that the only “antivirus” that is provided with it, is the one called “Trust”. Unfortunately, no one can tell if the program actually works or not because to check would indicate that you somehow have a lack of “Trust”, which would therefore mean that it was not “instilled” properly ;)

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